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The logo is the bearing portion of a company's or organization's graphic identity, where color codes, rules and rights for the use and placement (on letterhead and business cards, in ads, advertising more) is stated. A logotype design aims to create an instant recognition, convey confidence, admiration and loyalty. It is part of the company's commercial whole. Contact us for a quote!


Use a film to better reach a specific audience or more clearly show the message you want to communicate. We also write musik to specific applications.


We help you with advertising, events, posts, reels, stories on social media.


Sometimes you need a little extra graphic design. An example of this is buttons to use both online and in ads. It can be part of your visual identity. Orangia AB makes vector graphics in Illustrator, depending on your needs.


We make ads for web, newspapers, posters and exhibitions.

Good, relevant information is everything for you to get visitors to your ads. How your ads will look like will also determine how your business is perceived. An advertisement is also marketing for your business and your brand. Obviously, you then want to give as good impression as possible. How your ads and images looks like is a very important part in how you market your business. In the long run you will win on good photos, correctly spelled texts, current and updated listings.


You represent your company when you give your business card to someone, make sure that your card says are similar to what you are doing when you are not there. We help you develop a business card that reflects your business.


Through newsletters, you can easily reach out to a large number of recipients and thereby strengthening your brand. This contributes to the knowledge and confidence of the customer.

We build customized e-mail templates to our customers' e-mailings and campaigns. We build responsive structures according to the latest standard for email marketing.


Did you write a book? Need help to make the cover?

A book cover should not just be selling, it will also give the potential buyer an idea of ​​what kind of book it is. Get in touch for a quote!