We offer structure and development of Management system and Processes.

Quality requirements equivalent to ISO 9000

The management system should include fixed routines and organization should store and communicate information effectively. A basic idea of the ISO 9000 series is that it should be possible to find solutions to improve the business, for example by tracing the cause of errors. Another consistent part of ISO 9000 is to continuously develop the organization's methodologies and processes.

We offer SharePoint

Capabilities of SharePoint 2010 work together to help your company quickly respond to changing business needs. Using SharePoint 2010, your people can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs and find the right business information to make better decisions. In IT, SharePoint 2010 helps you cut the cost of training and maintenance, saving time and effort, and focus on more important business matters.

Document handling

The handling of documents from their creation to archival status or culling (destruction). Document management and filing/ archiving forms a unit in a document's life cycle.


Your internal collaboration can work more smoothly and more efficiently. You can design your intranet entirely according to your needs so that it supports and facilitates the internal communication in the best way.

Collect all your discussions, employee handbooks, templates, guidelines and policies, news and common calendars and reach the material when you want - wherever you want.

Process development

By describing your business processes, you will discover opportunities and problems. You get a map to navigate when developing the business.

A control of business processes will achieve greater efficiency and competitive advantage. Through systematic process design and matching with established standards.


2009 - 2013

Ericsson has taken the role as Prime Integrator in a billion-USD program and provides HW, SW and services to customers in Africa.
My role and my responsibility:
- Establishment of a customer's business-, operations- and support processes
- Development and distribution of the customer's business system
- Quality requirements of ISO 9000
- Support of quality and business systems


Ericsson; Quality Assurance Manager in a project installing 3G in the capital of a country in northern Africa.

ISO 9001

Orangia AB makes Managament System with ISO 9001 standard

Scor process

Orangia AB uses SCOR process


Orangia AB uses Sharepoint

Document handling

Identification of the information need and therewith necessary document (handling) in current organization
Presentation of document (handling)
Version handling